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About MoNNY!

We are a mid-sized Mensa group with a lot of energy and an increasing number of varied weekly, monthly and quarterly events and activities. We are the local chapter of American Mensa that serves the large upstate New York area from the Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, and Troy) northward to Saratoga, Plattsburgh and the Canadian border. Officially, we are in Region 1, Group 120.

We have hosted two very successful, national American Mensa events:

* Mensa Mind Games 2011 in April, 2011 had 297 registered attendees and was the largest Mind Games so far!

* The 2006 Colloquium: Revolution in Cosomology, which had a world-class group of speakers and is regarded as one of the more successful Colloquiums.

We are also in Region 1, which includes all of New England, most of New York, and northern New Jersey, and is becoming more active with mulitple Regional Gatherings, games weekends, and inter-group activities. Monny is getting into the act by hosting our first Regional Gathering, the End of Summer RechaRGe on Labor Day weekend, 2011 (and probably yearly!).

Check out our monthly newsletter for events, columns, jokes, and puzzles. Join the MoNNY Facebook and Yahoo Groups to find late-breaking events. Check the website (you are there now, after all) for extras that wouldn't fit in the newsletter.

While we get together to have fun at local, regional and national events, we also give back to the community with a Scholarship Program and a Gifted Children's Program.

If you are into that sort of thing, you can read our group Bylaws.