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Membership in American Mensa can be obtained in two ways.

First, you can present prior evidence of a qualifying score (top 2% on a qualifying test). There is a one-time fee of $40 for this service and certified results must be submitted to American Mensa (not the local group). An online application is available.

The second option is to take the Mensa Admission Test. This is a proctored test lasting approximately 2 hours and it is offered by the local group for a fee of $40. Contact the MoNNY Testing Coordinator for information on local testing. Advance registration is appreciated! If you have additional questions about joining Mensa, please contact our Membership Officer or President(Local Secretary).

* Please note that Mensa testing is for ages 14 and over. Further information about Mensa admission for children (testing or submiting prior evidence) can be found on the American Mensa site.

Want to boost your confidence?
The Mensa Home Test is designed to give you an idea what the Mensa Admission Test is like. It can be ordered from American Mensa for a fee of $18.

For more information... Visit the American Mensa website or find the local Testing Contact.