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Why Do People Join Mensa (from the American Mensa website)

There's the camaraderie of being among a group of diverse people who share your love of knowledge. Some like the social aspect of the organization, which includes everything from local game nights to the Annual Gathering. Others enjoy intellectual events such as speaker meetings, Colloquiums or CultureQuest.

We have more than 150 Special Interest Groups that allow members to pursue their interests - from astronomy to quilting - with other Mensans. Our Local Groups host speaker nights, have lunch outings and play games at local and regional game nights.

Many of our members serve their communities through our service programs, and our member volunteers also work with the Mensa Foundation to award scholarships to more than 150 college students each year.

If that's not enough, how about saving time and money? American Mensa members save on travel services, insurance, financial guidance, publications and more through our benefit and service programs - with new benefits being added regularly.

Then, there's the online component to your membership. In addition to our online Community, there are hundreds of Mensa communities online run by member volunteers around the world, including those on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and CompuServe.