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Mind Games 2011 in Albany, New York

April 15 - 17, 2011

Hosted by Mensa of Northeastern New York

Local and Regional volunteers are needed to make this national event a success!

Local and regional volunteers are needed NOW for a number of tasks before, during, and after the actual Mind Games event. If you are registered for the event, please feel free to help before or after (or even lend a hand for a short time during the event), but you payed to play... so play! We are looking for people not registered for Mind Games who are willing to help with the items below and contact someone on the Mind Games Committee or one of the MoNNY Officers if you can help in any way!
Hospitality: Contact David MacGregor at 518-275-5534 or .

Hospitality involves providing food, non-alcoholic beverages, and a little TLC for 250 to 300 tired, hungry, and happy Mensans so they can concentrate on being the best game-players they can be! We are providing snacks and light hospitality on Thursday evening and from Friday noon until Sunday at 10 am. "Heavy hospitality" will be provided during Friday dinner and Saturday lunch.

Before Mind Games

* Make baked goods such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes...about 120 dozen total! (freezing baked goods allows us to bake beginning volunteer and I will get you gallon freezer bags),
* Allow us to use freezer and storage space at your home to allow pre-baking and bulk purchases of items on sale,
* Prepare "pot luck" style items for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch,
* Loan items such as coolers, crock pots, bagel toasters, 30- and 45-cup coffee makers, and microwaves for use during Mind Games,
* Look for deals on soda, snacks, meat for crockpot dishes and help purchase needed items such as snacks and beverages.

During Mind Games: We need local volunteers (who are not registered to play and judge 30 games) to do the following in 2 hour shifts:

* Help set up the hospitality area,
* Set out food items and keep food and beverages iced,
* Help keep the hospitality and game areas picked up,
* Make a shopping trip on Saturday for items that are running low.

After Mind Games

* Help break down the durable goods for storage (until the next MoNNY event, the First Annual MoNNY Regional Gathering, Labor Day weekend, 2011),
* Wrap up and distribute leftover food,
* Final cleanup before we turn the spaces back over the hotel.

Logistics: Contact Rob Salkin at 917-204-3995 or .

This involves getting everything we need to the hotel, helping to get it set up, helping to break it down again, and getting it moved to storage (until the next MoNNY event!).

We will need volunteers:

* Who can carry relatively bulky items (carts will be available at the hotel),
* With trucks or large cars and some miscellaneous tools,
* Willing and able to assemble needed items and arrange items until they will work,
* who are problem solvers that can tolerate some chaos,
* who can work with the hotel staff as they set up the tables and chairs and the other volunteers as they figure out how everything needs to go together.

On-Site Registration

This involves signing registered attendees in and cross-referencing with the pre-registration lists provided by American Mensa. An efficient sign-in process makes for happy, game-playing Mensans!

During Mind Games

* Sign registered guests into the event from Saturday afternoon to Saturday around noon,
* Work closely with our Registrar John Scanlon and the representatives of American Mensa.

Hosted by Mensa of Northeastern New York: John Hornberger, Committee Chair: